Painted by Peter Pracownik, this Gothic Ivy design is painted onto an Aquila Dragon 4 string, and belongs to the reknown English folk fiddler Ian Cutler.

Peter's following spans a wide variety of ages and cultures - from serious art collectors to veteran bikers, from new age devotees to fantasy game players, young and old. His unique style is known the world over and has won the admiration and respect of artists, critics, collectors and the public alike. He is truly an artist of the New Age.


Shown here is the 4 string Aquila Dragon violin. Each instrument is handpainted and the Lyra Dragon 5 string and Draco Dragon cello can also behand painted in this way. This violin is sold but please call us if you would like an instrumnet painted by Peter in a similar design.


The Dragons are top of the Electric range and include the following features -

  • a new slimline neck hand finished with our own recipe of oils and shellac for a smooth playing experience
  • a newly developed set of electronics that deliver greater clarity of tone
  • a higher output generation utilising a 6 volt coin cell battery configuration
  • the pickup system also upgraded to match the new electronics
  • headphone output
  • Line 6 compatibility
  • Add to this the smooth Wittner finetune pegs and the day of the Dragon has well and truly arrived!


Our VIDEOS page shows this instrument in action. Many thanks to all our artists for their brilliant videos.

Gothic Ivy

  • Body

    The body is hollow, moulded from a kevlar and carbon fibre composite giving a high strength to weight ratio. The hollow body generates a sound profile within the body structure presenting an open sound without the use of reverb or delay. It is smooth and forgiving when played and allows low volume practise without the use of headphones or amps. Highly stable across temperature and humidity ranges.

    Inspired by a Stradivari 1701 Viola da Gamba, modified to the modern sized peg box this headstock has become the trademark of the ‘Bridge’ instruments. The distinctive shield, through peg box and neck is carved from a single maple block.

    Pegs and Strings
    The high quality Wittner finetune pegs are professionally fitted to give a smooth tuning action. See REVIEWS for a full description.The Aquila and Lyra Dragons are fitted with Thomastik Dominant strings GDAE and D'Addario  Helicore C. The Draco Dragon is fitted with D'Addario Helicore CGDA.

    Fingerboard and nut
    The ebony fingerboard and nut are professionally shaped to modern standard orchestral measurements and traditionally finished.

    For the violins this is a Dresden style chinrest. The style may vary with availability but will always be of an equal quality.

    All our Dragon range of instruments is fitted with a Wittner lightweight alloy tailpiece fitted with integral tuners.

    Ebony endpin for the violins and ebony collar with brass ferrule and screw for the cello.



    The bridge houses the ‘Bridge’ pick up system, a piezo crystal configuration, upgraded for the Dragon model. We designed the ‘Bridge’ pick up system specifically and only for use with our instruments. It is designed to pick up both the string vibration and the body resonance generated from the hollow composite body. Utilising all the properties of a traditional acoustic bridge it captures the warmth of tone synonymous with its acoustic counterpart, with no feedback.

    Battery Holder
    The battery holder is located neatly on the underside of the instrument. It houses 2 x 3V coin cell batteries for the Dragon violins and PP3 9V for the cello to power the 'Bridge' Active Circuitry, they keep the instruments light and are readily available and easy to fit. They provide approximately 100 hours playing time and only drain whilst the jack is connected.
    Active Circuitry
    Each model has its own sophisticated and bespoke active circuitry, frequency dedicated to each model’s string configuration and designed to perform in conjunction with the ‘Bridge’ pick-up system. It supplies power to drive effects and radio packs and puts the string player on equal footing with every other amplified instrument in the band.

    The Dragon carries the newly developed set of electronics that deliver greater clarity of tone with a higher output. The new Dragon generation of electronics also enable an output for headphones.
    Jack Socket
    ¼ inch jack - musical instrument standard. The switch jack system automatically switches the active circuitry on and off as the jack is inserted or removed. It is carefully positioned and angled to avoid drag and interference from the cable. We have also ensured that the angle and proportions are compatible with all common wireless solutions. The Dragon is also compatible with Line 6.

    All our electric range of instruments carry a volume and tone control, easily accessible for quick adjustment during performance. The tone control is a tilt control not a boost/cut control, changing the tonal range of the instrument.