The New Bridge Dragons have risen from the luthiers' benches in our UK workshops.

Tuned to GDAE an octave below the Aquila Dragon register this Aquila Dragon Octave allows the violinist to almost cover the cello register making it useful for building string sections and accompanying treble parts.

It offers the benefits of low volume for practise and high volume for performance with no feedback.

Developed from the iconic outlines of the Bridge Aquila and Lyra violins this new Dragon Octave
retains the integrity of its predecesors but with so much more...
  • a new slimline neck handfinished with our own recipe of oils and shelac for a smooth playing experience
  • a newly developed set of electronics that deliver greater clarity of tone
  • a higher output generation utilising a 6 volt coin cell battery configuration
  • the pickup system also upgraded to match the new electronics
  • Add to this the smooth Wittner finetune pegs and and your own choice of custom colour and the day of the Dragon has well and truly arrived!

Our VIDEOS page shows this instrument in action. Many thanks to all our artists for their brilliant videos.

To order your custom colour

Add the Aquila Dragon to your basket then add your choice of colour from the Custom Colour Gallery or call us for a quote on your own bespoke colour or finish.


The instrument comes in an oblong case with shaped interior, black canvas cover with large music pocket, 4 bow holders and plush red velvety lining.A black carbon fibre bow is included.


If you find this item cheaper online please contact us.


Only available direct from Bridge UK and the Electric Violin Shop NC.

Aquila Dragon Octave

Color: Victoria
  • The New Bridge Dragons are also available as Octave violins. 

    Fitted with Supersensitive Octave strings they are designed to sound an octave lower with the correct string tension for the violin string length. The Octave Dragons retain all the added extras and ugrades of the Aquila Dragon.