Front and Back
Made from handpicked European tonewoods selected by the 'Bridge' luthiers. The front is the best close grain spruce and the back of highly figured maple.
Exquisite Golden varnish, skilfully antiqued to give the impression of an 18th century Italian masterpiece.


Inspired by the Stadivari 1701 Viola da Gamba and modified to the modern sized peg box, this headstock has become a trademark of the 'Bridge' instruments. The distinctive shield, through peg box and neck is carved from a single maple block. The Tasman and Golden Tasman instruments have the electric lightening strike inlay on the shield suggesting it’s not purely the acoustic instrument it appears to be.

Pegs and Strings
The high quality English style boxwood pipped and collared pegs are professionally fitted to give a smooth tuning action. The Golden Tasman is fitted with Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings.
Fingerboard and nut
Made from the best quality ebony, the fingerboard and nut are professionally shaped to modern standard orchestral measurements and traditionally finished. All repairs which become necessary with time to acoustic orchestral stringed instruments can be performed by luthiers on the Bridge GoldenTasman instruments. E.g. replacing or shooting fingerboards (traditional glues have been used), nut re-shaping and peg fitting.

The Golden Tasman bridge is made from the best quality tonewood, and houses the ‘Bridge’ pick up system, a piezo crystal configuration. We designed the ‘Bridge’ pick up system specifically and only for use with our instruments. It is designed to pick up both the string vibration and the body resonance generated from the hollow body. Utilising all the properties of a traditional acoustic bridge it captures the warmth of tone synonymous with its acoustic counterpart.

F Hole
The F hole design reflects the lightening strike theme of the headstock giving both the Tasmans and Golden Tasmans a contemporary twist and unique character.

Tailpiece and Chinrest
The Golden Tasmans are fitted with a boxwood tailpiece, fitted with an individual A string fine tuner.
This is a boxwood Guarneri style chinrest. The style may vary with availability, but will always be of equal quality.

Battery Holder, Access Point and Enpin
The battery holder is located neatly on the lower bottom rib and houses 2 x 3V coin cell batteries. These small batteries power the Bridge Active Circuitry which has been cleverly designed to operate on 6V keeping the instruments light and well balanced. They provide approximately 75 hours playing time and only drain whilst the jack is connected. Readily available, they are quick and easy to replace.
Bridge Active Circuitry
Each model has its own sophisticated and bespoke active circuitry frequency dedicated to each string configuration and designed to perform in conjunction with the 'Bridge' pick-up system. The Golden Tasman is fitted with the most sophisticated and advanced electronics within the 'Bridge' range.

Jack Socket
Jack Socket ¼ inch jack - musical instrument standard. The switch jack system automatically switches the active circuitry on and off as the jack is inserted or removed. It is carved into the back plate becoming an integral part of the instrument, positioned and angled to avoid drag and interference from the cable. We have also ensured that the angle and proportions are compatible with all common wireless solutions.
Boxwood endpin, in keeping with the boxwood pegs and tailpiece.


Golden Tasman Viola

  • Tuned to CGDA the Golden Tasman is an easy transition from a regular acoustic viola with the benefits of high volume for performance with no feedback. The Golden Tasman is made with the best quality handpicked tonewoods to ensure a warm and even acoustic tone. They are the top of the Bridge Range carrying the most sophisticated ‘state of the art’ pick up and electronics, fitted with the best quality Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings.


    Our VIDEOS page shows this instrument in action. Many thanks to all our artists for their brilliant videos.


    The instrument comes in an oblong case with shaped interior, black canvas cover with large music pocket, 4 bow holders and a plush olive green velvety lining.


    Only available direct from Bridge Violins UK and Electric Violin Shop USA


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